Derek Murphy

Membro à 5 anos
"Native Southern Irish"

From being a talking Cornetto in commercials to an Army soldier in 'My Boy Jack' the radio play, to Narrating Audio books like 'The Gnarl' Derek has a versatile voice that can be heard on T.V. ,Radio, Film and Stage.


Derek trained at Colaiste Stiofan Naofa In Ireland.


Derek Murphy is an Irish Actor from Cork who has appeared on Stage, Television, Film and Radio. Now based in London. He can currently be heard in ‘Listening Books’ Radio play ‘My Boy Jack’. And is appearing in the Cadburys online Social media campaign with Arron Crascall. Screen credits include films ‘The Date’ (Organised Chaos), ‘Criminal’ (Foliage Films) and ‘Situations Vacant’ (Grand Pictures/Park Films) and on Television ‘We watch, You Watch’(RTE) and ‘Killinaskully’(RTE) and he currently appears in the web Series ‘Negotiations’ (Able Archer) and ‘Snowflakes’. On stage, credits include 'Dial M For Murder' ‘Major Barbara’ and ‘John Bulls Other Island’ (Michael Friend Productions), ‘Metamorphoses’ (Off The Cliff Theatre Co.), ‘Dracula’ (Jellyfish Theatre Co. Rome) and ‘Woyzeck’ (London Theatre). He will be appearing in the upcoming film production of ‘Seaquins’ (Organised Chaos) alongside James Dreyfus and can be heard regularly on his Podcast ‘The Murphitons’ alongside Stephen Cheriton and Mimi the Cat.


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