Debby Barnes

Membro à 10 anos •
"Warm; Friendly; Engaging; Smooth; Charming and Genuine."
Debby Barnes

Debby's warm, caring, friendly, polished, believable and articulate Neutral American voice tone could be the read you need! She uses her vocals to meet every client's specs honestly and offers them the best VO 'fit' she can. She turns projects around quickly and professionally. She delivers clean audio recordings within the client's time frame in a way that suits them. And she's considered 'The Voice You Want To Get To Know!'


Debby's trained with Gary Terzza (VO Masterclass) in London, Deb Munro VO in Canada, Steve Hudson (Voicemaster International), Abbe Holmes and Marc Cashman. She's an Upstate New York, University trained Actor with a wealth of experience on stage. She was also a Chamber Reader/Oral Interpreter of Literature. She's done Radio Shows, Stage Acting, Dramatic & Poetry Reading and ASL to spoken English Interpreting. She was also a CCM Recording Artist with many hours of studio-time to her credit as well as performing live gigs. She's remains passionate about the VO industry, so she's always honing her voice and audio engineering skills through various VO coaching, webinars/tutorials and SKYPE training.


'As If': Album Narration
Premiere Products: Promo Narration
Robert Friedland, PHD Office IVR
Museum Works: Narration
Surreal Pictures & Video: Training Video Narration
Momentum Advertising & Design: Training Narration
N9 Productions: Training Narration
United Methodist Productions: NGO Promo
Blue Sky Event & Media: EcoForce Promo Training
Moore & Van Allen: NGO Video Promo
Mr. VoiceBunny: Star-Star GOP, Book Trailer
HTV Networks: iPhone Suri Voice
Inter-Voices: IVR, Childrens Book App, Kazan/Universiade
Push Button Productions: Tandy Leather Factory
Ryan Kelly: Dixie: A Musical Rockumentary
Eric Jacobson: 'McGee'
rotten-orange: 'Vanity'
Connection2: Technology Watch
DLC USA: VO Testimonials
Hill's Production Services: 'Bin There Dump That' Video
neoPromo: Video Promo
Push Button Productions: SJU Radio Commercial
Marc Grau: LSTV Teaser
Pets Plus: IVR Commercial On-Hold
The Voice Realm: A Short Animated Film Narration
The Voice Realm: Northeast Rehabilitation Video
The Voice Realm: The Fancy Bid Video Narration
Push Button Productions: I Want A Bath + Fire My Advisor
Premiere Products: IVR
Simon Wood - Dubmaster Studios: Emba Gyn Narration
Blue Streak Voice and Sound Design: Honda Tags
Inter-Voices: IVR Projects
Brave Heart Production: Video Narration
24VOX: Internal Site VO
DripsnPuddles: COH Project
Seventh-day Adventists - Mission First Narration Project
The Video Animation Company: Video Narration
simpleshow: Daimler, Mercedes-Benz Narration


I'm an alto ranged CCM Singer/Songwriter