Dawn Harvey

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"Rich, Warm, Soothing voiceovers"
Dawn Harvey

Dawn has been performing for as long as she has been able to walk and talk and sing. Already a stage and film actress, Dawn began her voice over career several years ago. With her love of story, it was only natural that Dawn should find herself in a place where she is able to assist you in “unfolding your story”. Dawn’s voice has been described as rich, warm, smooth, soothing, calming, sultry, confident, and comforting. Specializing in narration, animation and audiobooks, Dawn’s years of acting training enable her to bring your characters and their stories to life. Working from her professional studio, Dawn is able to provide her clients with rapid turnaround, a high quality product and customer service that is second to none. Dawn would love to help you with your project!


Voice Over
Pat Fraley and Brad Garret: Voices 2010 (Comedy in Voice Over)
Elaine Clark: Voice Acting
Deb Munro: Voicelympics Voice Cruise (2009), Copy Biz
The Voice Biz 1 and 2, VOV 2010
Julie Williams: Voicelympics Voice Cruise (2009)
Bill Holmes: Voicelympics Voice Cruise (2009); VOV (2010);
Margaritas and Microphones (twice!)
Voices 2008 and 2010: Various Instructors/Los Angelos, CA;
Jonathon Love - Weekend Voice-Over Introduction
Scott Brick: Reading for a Living
Bettye Zoller-Seitz: Audio Book Narration
Paul Boucher – Narration
Bob Wood and Elaine Clark: Advanced Narration
Kathy Garver and Melissa Gray: Long Form Narration
Pat Fraley: Voices 2008, VOV 2010
Pat Fraley, Scott Brick, et al: The Billion Dollar Read -
Vanessa Hart: Private Coaching
MJ Lallo: VOV 2010
Bob Bergen: Voicelympics Voice Cruise (2009), Voices 2008
Debbie Munro: Getting Loopy (ADR/DUBBING & IMPROV),
Creating Voices 1 and 2
Chinook Animation: Voice Tooning: Release the Voices Within
Joyce Castellanos: Voicelympics Voice Cruise (2009)
Neil Schell/Actor Workshops: Actor Intensive Program
(2009-2011), Career Building Through Auditioning,
From Audition to Final Performance, Scene Study
Stuart Aikins: Intensive Actor’s Workshop
Michelle Allen, Sean Milliken (and Neil Schell): Auditioning
Peter Skagan: Audition Hell
Casting Director Workshops: Rhonda Fisekci, Deb Green,
Michelle Allen, Sean Cossey, Stuart Aikins, Jackie
Lind, Candice Elzinga, Andy Henry
University of Calgary: Faculty of Drama
Grade 7 Royal Conservatory of Music (Contralto C3-E5),
Law Degree (Dalhousie Law School, Halifax, NS)
Master of Laws Degree (Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto,