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"A warm friendly guy next door that you can trust."

I am at my best when you need a calm, friendly, encouraging, and sincere voice. Whether it's to build confidence between your company and your clients, or explain a new process to your employees. I have taken the time not only to focus on the craft and art of using voice as a medium, but I have also worked on the other areas that will lead to a successful project. Not only will I deliver a great read, but it will sound great as well. I have taken the time and resources to develop a treated space, use professional equipment, and produce the track so that you end up with broadcast quality audio.


I took a tiered approach to my education. I first worked with a local coach to try out voice over. After several weeks of his training the thrill of "nailing a read" had me hooked. So I spent over a year working with nationally known American coach, talent, and producer Terry Daniel and his group at Universal Voice Talent. I continue to learn and further hone my skills and craft through my participation with Gravy for the Brain where I attend training and classes monthly.


I have been able to work as a live emcee which was exhilarating! I am a fresh voice and just starting out in voice acting, but I have been a professional for decades just in a different field.


I have several specials skills that would be valuable especially in the areas of eLearning, explainers, and cooperate narration. Environmental, Health, and Safety - NFPA and OSHA certifications as a Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, Respiratory Protection Specialist, Rescue Diver, and a degree in Aviation Safety Systems. IT - COMPtia Security+ and Network+ certifications, wide knowledge of radio, satellite, and other communications equipment. Business/Government - I hold a bachelors in business administration and a masters in public administration.