Dan Breitfeller

Dan Breitfeller

Membro à 6 anos •
"My voice conveys trust...credibility...honesty...integrity"

My voice is a bass voice with entirely unique undertones.  My teachers and clients have said that I'm able to establish a connection with a listener early in my readings, and I'm told that my voice conveys trust...credibility...honesty...integrity.  I typically record a script several times before my first submission to achieve the best quality standards, well-spoken and free of any annoying pops, crackles, or other auditory junk.


I've studied voiceover with 2 nationally renowned voice coaches.


My work is doing voice-over, and my voice has appeared as a Narrator in a television comedy series, and as a part of the branding process in Radio and TV commercials. I've done eLearning and Corporation Narration projects. Throughout my career, I've volunteered for organizations that provide recorded reading services for the blind.


I'm good at proofreading and interpreting a script. My voice is unique. And I work tirelessly to produce readings that are can and professional. I work hard to meet deadlines, and never let a client down.