Damon Allan

Damon Allan

Membro à 2 anos
"Sexy, groovy and versatile"

There's no beating around the bush. I am new to the voice over industry however it has been something that I've considered for over 20 years. I guess my self validation came when I responded to an advertisement for Sexy Voices Wanted in a Toronto newspaper. No it wasn't for one of those chat lines but it was to encourage people into the radio industry. I received a call back and I attended a workshop. So I hung my hat and left it... until now. The Covid19 pandemic has reinforced "leave no regrets" mantra and thus I am here today. I would be delighted to work with you to prove my worth and ultimately make you money.


I have worked with several sources to learn and train to be a voice over artist.
Namely, Justine Harris VO coaching, Rich O'Donoghue for reels, Rob Bee for sound with Adobe Audition and Gravy for the Brain mentoring.


My first gig was on camera for a commercial promoting an environment fund in the Maltese Islands. Hired by Mediacoop, Valletta.


Some post production with Adobe Audition.