Clint Moore

Membro à 5 anos
"Warm, deep, rich voice with tremendous range"
Clint Moore

My commercial demo shows my varied range and rich feel. The deep gritty tough guy read to the soft PSA soothing feel. Everyday conversational is in here all day as well. Crisp articulation for more intelligent reads or loosened speech for the casual. My stage and film background allows me a to find a natural connection to the read and a powerful message delivery when it sees fit.


I continuously work with a personal coach who is very active in VO commercial and animations. Commercial and animation workshops. Worked with a voice coach classically trained and toured with the LA Opera for years. I'm trained in Meisner technique for stage and film acting. Countless hours of scene study with Howard Fine in Los Angeles.


I've done a ton of ADR for independent films. Narration for comedy sketches and various characters of all walks. Funny or Die skits. I have strong skills in accents and very convincing impressions that have kept me in demand with a few running projects. My voice is relatively new to the VO world, and I'm excited to be a part of your next project as well!


Impersonations, tenor singer, comedy improv, and regional dialects from all over North America, especially in the United States