Chris Grant Jr.

Chris Grant Jr.

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"Voice of Tyrone on Nickelodeon's The Backyardigans"

Chris Grant Jr. is a professional voice actor known for his role as Tyrone on Nickelodeon’s Emmy Award winning TV series “The Backyardigans”. He has lent his voice to commercials with Capri Sun & Verizon as well as multiple Video Games produced for Nintendo Wii, LeapFrog, Nintendo DS, and more.


Chris Grant Jr. is a self-taught voice and film actor who has been working in professional productions since he was 11 years old. His first role was voicing the character Tyrone on the Emmy Award winning TV series The Backyardigans. He has since gone on to star in commercial spots for CapriSun & Verizon as well as starring in videogames for LeapFrog and Nintendo.


-"Tyrone" - The Backyardigans
-Narrator Nickelodeon presents Barack Obama - Favorite Things - Black history month
- "Kid" - Verizon mini Netbook Commercial
- "Tyrone" - Nintendo Wii Fit Nick Jr.
- TRICK or TREAT with The Backyardigans


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