Charlie Kierscht

Charlie Kierscht

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"Charlie Kierscht"

Depending on the job, my voice can be calm, excited, professional, sophisticated, light-hearted, goofy or commanding.

Overall I have a deep voice that grabs the listener's attention.


My voiceover career started through my acting. Some of the films I have had a role in required some lines to be done as a voiceover as well as some ADR work. For all the films I did this for, the directors commented on how natural I was.

After extensive consultations with an established voiceover professional, I am now prepared to do more extensive voiceover work and have been successfully getting selected for voiceover projects.

Work includes:

National Geographic-Nomad-Mandarin Film
Jackson and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning-Car Care Customer-Evolve, Inc.
Joyce Ford Car Dealer - Spokesperson - New Image Advertising
877-Get-a-Loan - Spokesperson - Rocklin Irving Advertising
The Trees - Beverly Lake Killer - Cosmicsneeze Entertainment
Deadscapes II - Radio Announcer - DHP


Lucky Tone Studio - Lee Kanne, engineer


Additional education includes:

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies with a Minor in Communication Studies

Juris Doctor

Masters in Education - the voiceover marketplace