Cesar Parra

Cesar Parra

Membro à 9 anos •
"20 years of experience, 24/7 Service, 100% Satisfaction Warranty"

I have 20 years of experience recording for important firms in quite a few countries in America, Europe and Asia.

My voice ranges from energetic young (med-hi tone), deep institutional (low tone) to cartoon characters. Have been told by many that my versatile voice tone is perfect to do impersonations, narrations, cartoon characters, commercials and much more.

My accent while speaking Spanish can be moderated or emphasized as desired to produce a unique result.

My voice has been described as gentle, deep, sexy, thoughtful, hip, charming, refreshing, authoritative, cool, sharp, pleasant, educational and flexible.

I can do "neutral" Spanish accent that can be used for campaigns accross different Spanish speaking countries.


I started in radio broadcasting for 7 years.

I have a college degree in media communications.

I studied acting for 3 years.

I have a 20 year trajectory as a voice over talent.

And I have been invited as a speaker in media communications conferences, workshops and events due to my recognized trajectory in this industry.


Some of my clients:
Vox Pop USA
Amexica Productions
Studio HD Productions
among many others in Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Uruguay, Denmark, France, England, Belgium, Croatia, Russia and India.


I take pride in handling my career with a strict code of ethics, trying to make all communications as clear as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

No fine print, no surprises, no misleading information.

I will always give my 100% to any production, it does not matter the size of the client or the job.

And I will always give you my honest opinion to the best of my knowledge regarding to what I think can produce the best results, even if that means to redirect the job to somebody else.