Caleb Mertz

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"Vibrant and Energetic guy next door who is trustworthy"
Caleb Mertz

I am an English native voice actor with over 5+ years of experience, who offers consistent performances with a distinct vocal style. I offer engaging narration, commercials, e-learning personas, cartoon characters and video-game characters...just to name a few. I am native to Pennsylvania, but live just outside of San Francisco with a Bachelor's degree in English and Spanish from The University of California, Berkeley. With my home studio I can guarantee fast turn around on your products. Or I am available to record on location in the San Francisco Bay area.

I have worked with MOSALingua in education and English acquisition training. I am the voice of a Navy Seal, Doktor, and a bad guy in the computer game "Undercover Missions. Kursk K-141" and have done work with Neole Films as well.

Additionally I have experience with top 10, youtube, and story telling.
Others have described my voice as fun, millennial, real, MTV, young, hip, fresh, clean, modern, natural, guy next door, cool, clear, fresh, bright, , honest, sincere, amusing, animated, attitude, authoritative, caring, motivational, classy, concerned, conversational, cool, corporate, happy, high energy, trustworthy, relatable, friendly, genuine, authentic, believable, businesslike, sophisticated, knowledgeable, appealing, casual, non-announcer, urgent, and educational.


Acting for Radio/Voice-Over with voice Talent Connie Terwilliger at San Diego City College
Acting for TV/Film - Katie Rodda SDCCD
Media Performance - Dave Drexler SDCCD
Certificate of Performance: Performance from San Diego City College


MOSAlingua (English Language learning software, word pronunciation)
Helmut Gaberschek GmbH - "Undercover Missions. Kursk K-141" (Video Game - Ulynov, Gremin, and Doctor)
Neole Films - "Virat the Saviour" (Cartoon, Pre-Run, 3 characters)
Intro/Outro - Brain.Rehab, etc.


Can add music and sound fx in post if needed.
layover V.O. on Video
Sync V.O.