Bryan Quinn

Membro à 3 anos •
"Everything from crazy funny to serious as death"

It seems to me that anyone can do this job and maybe that's why me and so many other Voiceovers are so grateful to the universe for giving us a living from the exciting and joyous occupation.


I mostly learned on the job. I came to it late so i'd been embroiled in the performing arts for a long time before. I left my home in Ireland to go and study theatre in Paris, France. That was amazing, improvising for hours every day for two years.


The first VO i ever did was for an animation called Procrastination by Johnny Kelly, and it's still my favourite. And I kinda hit the ground running with that one because it won over 20 awards.


Full post-production, copywriting, singing, guitar, trumpet, video-editing, design/motion graphics