Brian Davis

Membro à 2 anos
"Whatever that voice is selling, I want it!"

Spending time with the script is so vital. I typically print the script then with pencil in hand, begin to break apart the copy. Looking for action words, pauses to take, and subtle changes in voice inflections. When I first receive the script I record a rough draft and then listen back. This helps find the 'story' in the script. The true message of what the client is trying to communicate. Working full time from my home studio allows me take the time needed for each piece of voice over. If you need a quick read and turnaround, I can provide it. Having a background in on camera and behind the mic in broadcasting, I'm able to coordinate mind, mouth, and script!


With my broadcast background I've spent a lot of time in production rooms with clients. Helping write copy and assuming many characters for on air commercials. I've worked with coach Marc Cashman and have gained experience from friends in the voice over community. I believe consistent coaching is a factor for any successful voice over career. Practice, practice, practice is part of my daily routine. I'm getting ready to work with a new coach soon.


I been fortunate to voice for companies such as Dick's Sporting, Cabela's, Amway, TBN tv, Entercom/CBS and more.


I have great production skills, and good ear for editing and can provide many different reads from slow and intense to a typical concert promo!