Bob Eisenstein

Bob Eisenstein

Membro à 9 anos •
"Low to medium voice"

My voice is deep and my vocal range goes from low to medium, I would have loved to have Don La Fontaine as a coach. A musician with a long career as a singer my voice has thus become the actual way I express myself with. I’ve also worked as a director of photography and director for many years, which gives me a clear idea as to what a video or audio product is. Doing voice-over came quite naturally to me.I work both in English and in French, speaking and singing.


I attended the famous "Coachs Associés" training.


Desperados Internet Campaign 2013, Arte, France-Culture, Easyjet Awards, Institut Français, Siemens, Peugeot, Piher, Berbel, etc..


I love recording big "trailer-like" voices!