Antoine Gaillard

Antoine Gaillard

Membro à 3 anos
"I have a deep voice that also has a middle range."

I give life to the written words, whether the material is serious, informative, suspenseful, light or amusing. My voice has a lot of presence, but can be very discreet depending on the needs of the project, with all the shades in between. I never had a client who wasn't satisfied.


HB Studio - New York
Suzanne Cerreta - New York
Lilyan Chauvin - Los Angeles
Charline Poher - Paris


Numerous Parisian French voice over sessions, for documentaries and corporate videos. Film trailers for Warner Brothers and Disney. Radio and televison commercials including Kraft, Nestlé, Hyundai, Febreeze, Nissan, Pfizer, Shingrix.


I can translate from English to French.