Anne Johnstonbrown

Membro à 2 anos •
"Hollywood Actor and Award-winning Voice Artist!"
Anne Johnstonbrown

HOLLYWOOD ACTOR – AWARD-WINNING AUDIO BOOK PRODUCER. Clients include NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BEST-SELLING AUTHORS. In 2013, Anne was voted by AUDIBLE and ACX the AUDIO BOOK NARRATOR OF THE YEAR. As a VOICE ARTIST, Anne’s clients include the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, LINDOR CHOCOLATES, ASTRA ZENECA and countless VIDEO and COMPUTER GAMES. Her specialty is ALEXA/SIRI-type voices, ELDERY, SENSUAL and YOUNG MOTHER. Anne has worked as a professional actor for over 30 years. In 2004, she appeared as the NARRATOR in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT at the famed KODAK THEATRE in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. During her professional career, she has worked mostly in the genre of MUSICAL THEATRE and COMEDY and was a longtime member of FRED WILLARD’S MOHOS, a sketch comedy SNL-style group that performed monthly shows at the SECOND CITY THEATER in HOLLYWOOD. Anne is the author of the acclaimed 10 COMMANDMENTS OF THEATER, a handbook for method actors, published by Smith & Kraus (2007). She is also the WRITER and DIRECTOR of MARILYN’S STORY, a short film about homelessness in America, and LYMAN THE MUSICAL, an original production that BROADWAY WORLD touted as a show full of “WONDERFUL CHARACTERS,” “FULL OF HEART AND SOUL” and one that makes you “FEEL MORE EMPATHY TO THE WORLD AROUND US.” Anne's WIDE VOCAL RANGE and ability to perform various DIALECTS make her extremely befitting to a large selection of markets. And her MELODIC and PURE natural voice make her a viable candidate for MOVIE TRAILERS, as well as projects designed for the COMMERCIAL INDUSTRY. For more information on Anne’s background, as well as her work with the homeless of Los Angeles, check out her website.


Bachelor’s and Master's Degrees in Theatre Arts, with emphasis in Voice and Dialects
Sound Engineering Apprentice, 1983-1989, JJ2 Music Productions
Disc Jockey, California State University, 1994-1996
Audible-Approved Producer
2013 Audiobook Narrator of the Year, ACX/Audible


"I am an award-winning Audible Approved Producer, with nearly 100 audio books to date. My specialty was sci-fi mystery and romance, with many of my clients ranking high on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. I have nearly 30 years experience as an actor and voiceover artist, and it would be my honor to lend my skills and experience to YOUR project!" -- Anne Johnstonbrown


"Her Characters were very well fleshed out giving the title life and depth. Very strong choices here! Her transitions between the dialogue and narrative were flawless, keeping the pace of the book moving along nicely. I was immediately drawn in and riveted. Also, the recording was very well done/produced, with a very low noise floor and nice overall vocal sound."
-- Audible Production Team

"5 out of 5 stars!!"
-- Hostage Films (Lindor Chocolates)

"Excellent communicator and fast edits. Quality work."
-- United States Department of Defense

"I would like to briefly reflect on my experience working with Anne on a documentary film project, where she recorded the voice-over narration for us. From an already very appropriate audition, she adapted to further direction really well, turned it around in super fast time, in super high quality, and within our budget, thus helping us meet our deadline and goals. Added to our list of favourites with two enthusiastic thumbs up, and high recommendations."
-- Max Productions

"Very quick turnaround and a great job too!"
-- Ahad Oomerbhoy

"Anne was a pleasure to work with! Highly recommended!!"
-- Lance Cashwell