Ann Frazer

Membro à 3 anos •
"Expressive, youthful, professional"

Ann Frazer provides excellent and expressive, professional voiceovers for your needs. Her voice is clear and intelligent but also inviting and warm. She has a professional yet youthful, neutral accent voice that can help tell your story. She is available to make your work life easier and provides a quick turnaround.


She is a professional voiceover talent formally trained by Such A Voice. Her voice coach was Warren Richardson.


Ann builds professional voiceovers from a 18 year history of public speaking. She displays a voice of certainty, confidence, clarity, expression and fluidity that brings scripts to life and full color. She pays attention to detail in analysis, takes instruction and direction to heart and possess a work ethic that can and will produce quality work every time. She is professional, consistent, reliable and dedicated to her craft which sets her apart from many. Ann has displayed passion and commitment in making sure that she is on point and making a statement in the process.


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