André Vauthey

Membro à 5 anos
"sensual and precise french voice"

Being a trained actor and having singing classes too, I have a good technique and master many different intonations as well. Born and raised in the French part of Switzerland, French is my mother tongue but I moved to complete my acting training to NYC and now work and live there, adding English to the languages that I am fluent in. My parents being polis and having studied in the Swiss German part of Switzerland, I have some skills in polish and german/swiss-german.
My voice in general is more in the bass/baritone level and falls more easily in the suave, sensual type but is versatile.


I trained my voice in general mostly as an actor and musical theater at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, in NYC
As well, I took private singing and voice placement classes in NYC
Specifically for VO, I worked with Bruce Kronenberg, at Abacus Entertainment NYC


I am new in the VO industry


singing mostly