Amy Amstutz

Membro à 2 anos
"Versatile Dramatic Female Voice"
Amy Amstutz

I've alway been a bit over-dramatic for real life. Thank God I managed to make a career out of it...

My voice has significant range.

I can do it all:

... alluring, rated-r commercials...

...peppy, excited promotional videos...

...and the serious corporate training.

So, get in touch and let me see if I can help you out. :)


I learned on the job. It all started when I was on the other side of the glasss, taking the recordings while working at Dora Production in Ankara, Turkey. I had the pleasure of recording some of the best Turkish voice artists in the country. I learned the basics there and honed my skills over the years at the multitude of studios I have worked with.


Most of the work I do can be characterised into the following categories:

Educational: For kids and for corporations.
Corporate: Promotional videos, IVR, training, and commercials.
Airports: This is a speciality of mine. If you ever travel in Turkey, you will probably hear my voice.
Dubbing: When Turksh programs are dubbed into English, I am the gal to call. I not only dub, but I also translate from Turkish to English.
Acting On-Screen: I do video work for educational purposes, including corporate training videos. I have also played a recurring role on a Turkish State TV education channel. (In Turkish)
Alluring Content: I have voiced condom commercials, sex position manuals, chocolate commercials, etc.


I translate from Turkish to English.
I also proofread English texts.