Allam Forster

Allam Forster

Membro à 4 anos
"Relatable, Assuring, Bright and Conversational"

Raised in New England by a Canadian mother and an English father, my voice does not have discernible specific accent. With a friendly and approachable intonation, my voice offers a genuine and honest sound. Whether I am selling a product or recounting a story from the past, I provide a sound of enticing comfort that is, first and foremost, relatable.

Growing up I was fascinating by videogames and television sales on channels like QVC and HSN. At the time, videogames rarely featured vocals. From these experiences I developed a variety of voices to give sound to what was otherwise only a musical endeavor. I also spent hours mimicking the assured and informational delivery of commercials, creating a presentation style that was professional.


M.A., African American Studies and Film & Media Studies, Yale University, CT
MPhil, African American Studies and Film & Media Studies, Yale University, CT
BS, Film and Television, Boston University, MA

I began to pursue my life-long dream of voice acting in the final years of completing a PhD in African American Studies and Film & Media Studies at Yale University. I have a thorough understanding of contemporary media and the importance of how recorded sound can represent different identities.

I have completed The Pit's Level 1 Improv class and workshops/courses with luminaries in the field including Robert Clotworthy, and Roger Becker, Andy Roth, Billy Serow.


At Yale University I developed and hosted two podcasts that examine the personal narratives behind academics, artists and individuals. One of these shows, The Lower Frequencies, is still in production. This show illuminates the personal lives behind scholarly contributions and, in doing so, sketches a broader narrative about the development of an academic discipline.


Microphone: Samson Meteor
Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Computer: MacBook Pro
Recording software: Sony Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Pro Tools.
Acoustically treated home studio.

My experience and work as a writer and editor has provided me with the tools to quickly navigate the tone and mood of a script.