Alexander Weeks

Membro à 3 anos
"Fun, Energetic, Giggly"
Alexander Weeks

Passionate - hard worker who loves start up projects. Particularly talented at animation. Always strives for a safe, fun, high quality, and efficient work place.


AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, LA

BFA Acting

Acting: Jennifer Bloom, Brian Abraham, William Mesnik, Paul Perri, Taylor Nichols

Voice Acting: Nick Omana, Stu Levin, Karly Rothenberg

Voice: Julian Fielder, James Lent

Dialects and Accents: Deborah Ross-Sullivan, Anne Burk

Impov: Karly Rothenberg



DISNEYLAND RESORT - various roles - atmospheric

METAMORPHOSES - Hermes - AMDA Silverman/ Jen Bloom

Staged Readings:

DEAD END - Phillip - AMDA 8W / Paul Perri

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE - Willie - AMDA 8W / Paul Perri


Dialects and Accents (in english): Irish, Russian
Music: Singer, Reads Music
Doll Repainting