Aigel Gaisina

Aigel Gaisina

Membro à 7 anos •
"Universal attractive Russian female voice"

young, mature,old, bright, soft, sexy, demure, official, friendly, cartoon, movie, tender, fairy, bitchy, witchy, brave, bold, seductive, velvet, clear and attractive native Russian voice of your Project.
10 years of experience and pro studio

Fab, sexy and epic voiceover for your DJ drops \ DJ intros \ DJ jingles
Professional radio-pack (liners, jingles, drops), vocals included
Your live DJ speaker for your online radio
Cartoon voice-over, film character voice (from a child to a senior)
Corporate female voice-over for your high-class video presentation
Friendly nanny voice record for your Baby App
Professional lip sync and dub (dubbing)
Inviting female voice for IVR or voice menu
Any female brand voiceover for your TV commercial



Volga Region Federal University
Europa Plus DJ School


Estee Lauder, Payoneer, Google, Microsoft, Huggies


Singing, melody creating
Text creation, copywriting including poems and lyrics
FXing of Radio Jingles and DJ Intros, sound design
Recording and creation of radio commercials