Adam M

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"Relatable, pleasant and warm in both English and Malay"

I record in a proper production setup. A broadcast-quality audio studio coupled with a high-speed Fibre internet connection. I can work remotely with clients worldwide.
As a VO talent, my mission is to bring stories to life powerfully and effectively. Excellent communication begins with great storytelling.

I aim to move audiences, entertain them, ensure they retain key information, and possibly shift their behaviour, whether it comes from a 30-second internet commercial to a 10 minutes video blog post or a 3-hour audiobook. Through voice acting and narration, I can do this. Many in both Singapore and Malaysia have chosen me for my ability to tell captivating stories through TV, radio, and the web, drive people to action through business videos, ads and promos.

So, if you have been searching for a male voiceover to deliver your narration in neutral English accent or Malay flawlessly right out of the gate, I'm your guy!


Was a club DJ back in 1989 for about 8 years before I moved on to being a stage and event presenter. Picked out by an agency back in 1995 to provide VO for weekly promos for a new English TV channel in Singapore and the rest is history. Been talking into a microphone since 1989 and is still loving the work.


Had the honour to be the voice for Hyundai Malaysia and VIU Network Singapore for their recent Eid and CNY promo recently.


I am able to translate English scripts to the Malay language efficiently. Strictly human translation and always in context.