Zainab Seliem

Zainab Seliem

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"Appealing, cinematic, rich, attractive, warm and friendly voice"

I did more than 1000 voice overs around the world in many categories. Passion is my motto. Not only I have a catchy voice that can grab your attention from the first time but also delivering professional work in a short time.

I can do voice over in:
MSA Arabic (Fus-ha)
Egyptian dialect
English (North-American)


I started in the voice over field with self-learning, then took a VO Online Course @

Volunteered for one year as a voice over artist at an online Arabic project called "Ketabna"


Voice Actor @ Rowaah | رُواة

Freelance Voice Actor @VoiceBunny and Soundeals.

Former Voice Over @ Esma3 Ketab | اسمع كتاب

Former Voice Over @ Aanadel | عنادل


Pro Tools | first
Adobe Audition CC