Vonnie Lea

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"British Female Voice Over - Inviting, Deliberate, Intelligent"

Delivering a TV Ad, Corporate Video, or Book requires the ability to adjust to many different voice over styles. A great deal of experience and versatility is needed to take your direction and create the right tones and personality for your project.

I treat every project the same and give 100% to make sure my clients are happy and that the project receives the attention to detail it deserves.

Making sure that after working with me once, you will return to me is something that motivates me - I am available ANY TIME to discuss new or existing work.

No one will work harder or care more and this will become apparent from the outset. You deserve a voice over who is:

- able to work to deadlines
- responsive
- reliable
- agile

But most importantly, I have the ability to tell a story. Getting customer’s to buy and believe in a story is vital in today’s crowded marketplace. Getting people to listen and be interested, is a competitive advantage. I know this, I've honed this. Don't believe me? Try Me! Give me a subject and somewhere I can forward an audio clip to and you will have an authentic fable in the subject of your choice.

MY VOICE involves subtleties that a listener can't put their finger on but intuitively know, when they hear it, that this is something 'premium'.

Voice acting. It’s what I do.

I am a geek at heart. Tech is something I love and embrace.
I am an actress.
I am a singer.
I am an entrepreneur (I have owned different businesses since 2005).

What you'll get from me:

- In depth consultation about your project
- Fast turnaround (normally 1-2 days)
- Options for same or next day delivery (depending on my workload)
- Demo for sign off
- Broadcast ready files
- Revisions and pick ups (up to 7 days post delivery)
- Live direction while patched into my studio or travel to yours.


I am privately trained and have invested thousands of pounds (and hours) with coaches and mentors from the audio, acting and business industries. I have worked as a full time voice over since 2016.

My studio set-up:

- Acoustically treated recording booth for optimum recording quality
- Sennheiser MKH 416 AND Neumann TLM 103. Industry GOLD STANDARD broadcast mics
- Scarlett audio - Super-low latency, class-leading digital converter
- Adobe Audition, Pro Tools editing software
- KRK speakers, AT headphones, etc.


You've heard me (probably), now enjoy working with me (definitely)!

I have produced Commercials, Videos, Books, Animation, Training systems, and more for corporate and entertainment clients all over the world.

My accents:

- British English RP
- London Cockney
- London Urban
- Accents (American & European)

And currently working on my English regionals...

You can find my recent Commercial Reel here:


My Amazon best selling audiobooks can be found here:



And the rest of my work are on my website (all of my demos are from actual booked work)


I have a full digital post production suite and access to audio professionals should your project require more support.

I write video scripts and have worked in PR and Marketing for 10+ years before my voice over career.

I coach new voice over students in setting up their voice over business.

I have been an entrepreneur since 2005 and understand business and it's fundamental goals.

I am well travelled and cultured, which lends itself well to understanding the nuances of people from different parts of the world and their work ethics.