Tiran Aakel

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"Happy, Calming, Confident and Versatile"

I've been a professional actor for 27 years in the medium of Theatre, TV, Film, Radio and Corporate Role-Play. This experience collates to form a unique blend of skills appropriate to all forms of Voice-Over work. Perserverance and dedication to my art are key disciplines, I believe this has made me where I am today. I enjoy the process of creating (It's fun!) as well as producing the final result, which will always be to the best of my abilities.


I trained at East 15 Acting School. This was the foundation to all my skills. Specifically to Voice-Over, I have learnt on the job. I have been in many studios over the years, recording various projects in a number of genres.


Soas University and Tamasha Theatre Company - 'The Museum' - Daniel. 'A Form of Colonisation' - Sir Johnstone and Martin Evans.
Radio 4 Drama - 'Sherlock Holmes - His Last Bow - The Bruce Partington Plans' - Matcham
BBC Timewatch - 'In Pursuit of Happiness' - Various Characters
BBC Radio Leicester - Football Commentary
Sci-Fi Audio Recording of 'Soldiers of Love' - Security Guard Crannid.


Singing. Basic Post-Production.