Taj Shareef

Taj Shareef

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"VO for audiobooks, commercials, animation, and more!"

Taj Shareef has a natural guy next door sound perfect for your next project!

Crisp, friendly, trustworthy and articulate, Taj has a voice appropriate for Telephony, IVR, Commercials, Corporate, Video Games, Elearning, Narration, Podcasts, Audiobooks and More!

Taj's voice has been described as warm, friendly, articulate, hip, techy, urban, educated, and youthful. He is most likely to be cast vocally in a 20's and 30's age range, but can deliver vocals in the 30's- early 40's range as well.

Taj has a wide range of abilities. For character work, his voice has been compared to your typical Disney prince (sort of an Aladdin and Prince Naveen amalgam). He can be cast as an everyman or brother figure.

Taj has provided his voice on several audiobooks available on (Website hidden) including the complex and informative biography of Raymond Washington the founder of The Crips in Los Angeles.

Taj's friendly tone has been used for Audible corporate E-learning modules and the IVR system of the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).


Edge Studio NY 2012-2017

Coaching from Michelle Morgan (The PJ's/Static Shock)

Coaching from Crispin Freeman (Code Geass/Young Justice)

Private Coaching with Carol Monda

Coaching Intensive with Calvin Winbush III


Taj has studied technique, business, marketing, and studio tech with Edge studio.

He has recorded 4 audiobooks that are currently on sale for Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Among Taj's audiobook titles are Wicca for Beginners, and I Am Raymond Washington.

He has also recorded an E-learning and IVR for brands like Audible, 7-Eleven, and several Non-Profit organizations.

He has also done character work for the animated series Gremlin Girl by Rebecca Warm and Emily Rifkin (Disney)


Taj has an extensive background as a screenwriter and copywriter.

If you need your copy edited or need help with adding some warmth to your words, he can also do some script punch up!