Steve Evans

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"Fun Funny Imaginative Bold American Male Voice Character Actor"

TYPICAL VOICE: Not only do I perform the usual believable pleasant masculine adult American male strait - dry voice read that most male voice actors normally do, I also perform characters most of them are hilariously funny literally dozens of them !

5/21/18 I just joined Bodalgo, my 'Character' voice demo's are coming soon!

THE DIFFERENCE: What sets me way apart from the nice sounding professional voice crowd here is that I am so imaginative I have over 2 dozen well-developed voice characters to choose from. All of them are completely different from each other, not just a minor twist one on voice template. My characters are all trying to escape thru my mouth vying for Your attention to add something special to Your more creative voice scripting needs.

Unlike most voice actors I don't have a problem bringing enthusiasm and emotions to a script, I don't need coffee or a director with a whip to perform lol. I am the reverse, in fact, I have to 'tone it down' lol.

AUDITION: It does not cost anything to send me Your script, ( obviously time is money ) I will quickly send You my audition takes ( plural ). Please be very descriptive with Your script requirements, such as: This script is two friendly neighbors talking over the fence, or this script has a serious professional tone about life & death or ______? use descriptive words such as : happy, upbeat, fun, or serious, smooth, relaxed, professional, or goofy, charming, sweet, conversational, or authoritative, bold.

Acting has 4 basic moods: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared with many subtle variations on those 4 basic mood-themes.

Be as descriptive as possible so we don't waste each others time and You get exactly the audio product You are contracting for.

All of my character voices speak and pronounce well, I can easily combine more than one into a single commercial whereby they play off each other.

IMPROV- ADLIB: Some of You may want a 2nd read - take - audition of Your script as a nice choice in contrast. If Your script - word count is very long, I can take Your boring technical - legal audio documentation and ad a little bit of humor to keep Your listeners interested and You happily be reading congratulatory e-mails about Your great audio presentation.

My Motto: I am here to give You the client more than You expect. I will return a broadcast quality creative & fully licensed for You Mp3 or WAV file product that You and I can be proud to share to the world as a focal point to represent Your company and/or product.

EQUIPMENT: Microphone = Harlon Hogan VO-1 studio condenser mic made specifically for voiceover. DAW = Sony Soundforge Pro. Studio = Meets Amazon - ACX audiobook standards of below -60 noise floor ( it's 'quiet') .

TAGS: Whiteboard, Radio commercial, Pre-roll, TV commercial, Explainer video, Animation character, Video game, Book Narrator, Technical narration, Funny character, Funny voice, Male voice, American male voiceover, Baritone voice, Deep voice, Masculine voice, American accent, English,


Lori Tritel former well-known American voice acting coach. Many years developing characters in live stage improv standup comedy routines.


CHOPS: I have many years of standup improv comedy acting, and as a touring professional drummer-singer so I am very comfortable with a 'live' audience.

Tho I am a new voice talent, I chose Bodalgo as an intermediary to perform and work with clients because Armin the owner has such high standards as do I for myself.

If You read Armin's blog, He is very plain spoken and has zero time for amateurs who don't do their homework, I appreciate that.


E-Learning & Whiteboard Narration: I charge Per Finished Min= $25 pfm to start as a base price includes editing /mastering of non-complex subject matter.

$15 pfm for un-edited raw 'as read' & recorded, no editing, no mastering of simple non-technical projects.

Complex/technical language is $35 pfm edited & mastered.

Complex technical - medical-scientific subjects with raw un-edited audio only = $30 pfm.

~ File Splits - $1/split regardless of the base price quote.

~ Usage only covers use for E-Learning.

~ Pickup's / Revisions. One session of minor revisions due to background noise and/or mispronunciation is free of charge. The second round of minor revisions is $50.
3rd sent back / round of revisions will be charged as a brand new project at 100 % of the original finished project price. Note: If You are not satisfied after 2 rounds of pickups/revisions, I suggest we close the contract at no charge to You. The project will be said to be nullified and You will have no legal license nor permission to use the project audio and we part amicably.

EDITING & MASTERING: I can edit then master an E-learning project and/or audiobook to meet the ACX / Audiobook Creation Exchange ( owned by Amazon ) Audiobook standards.