Skip Orem

Skip Orem

Membro dal 1 decade •
"Trusted and Genuine Guy Next or Voice From Above"

Skip Orem's voice is globally recognized as a trusted and genine signature sound. His voice is extremely versatile with the ability to provide a wide range of voice styles.

+Cool and Detached
+Hard Sell or Soft
+Guy Next Door, or
+Voice From Above


Skip Orem's background includes significant training and education in voice acting and audio engineering. He has also worked in advertising, marketing and radio. His degree is in Marketing.


References from Skip Orem's elite client list are available upon request


Skip Orem is the owner of GPOD AUDIO PRODUCTION. As an experienced Sound Engineer, he is able to provide professionally edited, studio quality, sound files. They can be delivered in your preferred audio format.
This includes the production of music and sound effects. His studio has state of the art microphones and equipment.

Sound editing is done through Adobe Audition Software. Skip is also able to travel to any studio of your choice, anywhere.