Scott Persson

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"Confident, believable, and soothing"
Scott Persson

My voice is well suited to commercials, promos, and narrations that need a natural sounding read. Never forced. I know that I get to the heart of what the director or producer is looking for quickly, because of my years on the other side of the microphone, recording hundreds of voice actors throughout my career.


I have been in the post production audio business for almost 20 years. In that time, I have learned from the best in the business. It's taught me to get to what the perfect delivery is, much faster than most. Being a professional audio mixer and musician, has given me the ears to know when something sounds and is right.


My biggest achievement so far has been a Pepsi campaign that played in movie theaters. Also, doing an entire flight instruction course. Those two pieces were highly satisfying.


As I mentioned above, my background in mixing and sound design, and even music composition have all greatly enhanced my voiceover business. In terms of what I bring to the table besides my voice, I am very happy to discuss completing the final audio, from first record, through sound design and music, to the final mix for you.