S. George Lee

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"A warm, buttery crescent roll for your ears."
S. George Lee

Growing up a fan of UK telly, I had an early fascination with different regional accents and dialects. This led to a love and study of linguistics as well as respect for all languages and the cultures they anchor. I specialize in providing multiple accents and characters, a skill I'm constantly honing through audio book narration and plain, old practice. I strive constantly for authenticity and to avoid stereotypes.


Theatre, imitation, and ::practice::
I've done several voice over projects over the years, from corporate videos for Bristol Myers-Squibb to audio books featuring multiple characterisations from wise old wizards to lecherous Swiss clock makers.


I've narrated multiple audiobooks available on Audible.com and iTunes, with more in the pipeline- these run the gamut from biographies to spiritual philosophies to young adult books. I'm the voice of the Leave A Legacy campaign (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmEFKeWFti0) and the Great Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary Proposal (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f_iTuwbCzk). I write and narrate an audio book for my podcast, featuring one chapter- and multiple characters with their own, unique voices- per episode.


All of my audio book narrations are self-produced, from editing to mastering. A few have required special-effects which I also added and/or created. Currently creating "Book Trailers" for YouTube promotion.