Ross Cobin

Ross Cobin

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"Deep, Resonant and Unique"

I can provide range of voice styles from formal and ear grabbing to the more light-hearted, everyday guy portrayal. I am proficient with a number of American regional accents (i.e. New York/Brooklyn, Boston/New England, Chicago/Midwestern and Southern.) as well as foreign accents (i.e. British, Australian, and Latino)


I studied with several VO coaches and casting directors: Carrie Faverty and Ed Lewis
I also received coaching and produced my Demo with VO Talent and Coach Jeff Gurner


I have worked on a number of VO projects for radio, TV, Internet, and Telephone Systems. I most recently provided VO for a potential commercial for Ricola.


I do not provide these services, however I do compose and produce my own music for acoustic and electric guitar. Some of my material is available for listening on YouTube and Soundcloud.