Roger Bourassa

Roger Bourassa

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"A First class voice! Warm, caring, credible and familiar"

Excellent communicator and a talented actor, he is capable of showing a good range of emotions. A happy mix of corporate style and theatre, he has a dignified and reassuring personality.

Credits from his peers:

Not only am I delighted to receive access to Roger's recordings WAY ahead of my requested delivery preference but also the stellar performance.

I have already downloaded and listen to the track top to bottom while following the script.

Technically it is a fully-dynamic, noise and artifact free - Big Money Recording. I am listening to it on a film-editing-grade reference monitoring system and it is easy-on-the-ears, smooth and brilliant.

The performance is consistent with the previous project that I commissioned not long ago... outstanding.

The delivery is so balanced and affable in every way. Because of my limited French communication abilities, I need to go by feel... this performance feels sincere, believable and genuine.

Please pass my expression of satisfaction and appreciation to Roger. No doubt, he worked hard but made it sound easy.

He's making my edit session easy too!

Toronto - Febuary 2010


° Corporate Voice overs
° Dubbing
° Commercials (Radio & TV)
° Video Presentations
° Learning Software
° Interactive Internet Sites
° Interactive Voice Respond Systems (IVR)
° Games
° Multimedia
° Audio books
° Etc.


Bose, American Express, IBM and many many more for over 30 years.