Rodney Turner

Rodney Turner

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"Deep, Rich, Thoughtful, Caring, Authoritative, Serious"

His is a voice that has been described as , authoritative, firm, assuring, soothing, and believable. Singing with a local men's a cappella ensemble for over 5 years, Rodney understands the importance of sharing the meaning through "just the words". As a retired Air Traffic Controller, he also has a great deal of experience with working under pressure and under strict detailed rules and regulations. If you're picky and need things done quickly and accurately, Rodney's voice is the one to choose.


Rodney has trained with the following coaches:

Joe Loesch
Rodney Saulsberry
J. Michael Collins
David H. Lawrence XVII
Andi Arndt
Scott Brick
Johnny Heller
Carol Monda
Joyce Castellanos
Pat Fraley
Dave Fennoy
Dave Walsh
Scott Parkin
MaryLynn Wissner


Few storytellers can turn on that magnetic Southern gentleman charm or take an audience straight back to the ruggedly romantic Old West quite like J Rodney Turner. From countless audiobook titles to commercials & promos, Mr. Turner’s smoothly trustworthy sound & exceptional professionalism are sought after, time & again, by his many happy clients.


I sing Bass -- if you like!