Phyllis Pastore

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"From the luxurious to the silly, with a little extra to boot"

I have a very musical sensability to my VO work, a wide range from sultry senior to giggly young girl and a warm and trusting presence to add to PSAs and Industrials. My voice has been describes as warm "with the occasional moments when [her] voice just skitters by the depths of a faint growl that we've heard in her cabaret performances. It’s sort of like her own “signature sound.”"


I have studied for with voice over technique with Andy Roth, Maggie Phillips, Paul Liberti, and Anna Garduno (on-going).


I have successfully booked commercials for pharmaceutical spots as animated characters and narrative actor


I am a working cabaret singer performing in and around NYC on a regular basis. In addition, I have begun composing music and writing lyrics for my own tunes. I hold an MS degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling and have spent many years as a legal secretary, giving me a solid grasp of medical and legal terms. I have a small home studio and can do minor editing of VO tracks. I am able to add music, etc. I do not feel comfortable at this point to do a full production from my studio at home, however I do have access to a number of studios in which I can record and produce finished products.