Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart

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"I have a friendly but authoritative 'BBC' voice"

As a news presenter for a well-known British broadcasting company, I have clear pronunciation and perfect intonation.

But that doesn't mean I do 'starchy' (unless that's what you want!)! All my reads are fluent and compelling, and can be seemingly conversational if required.

My accent is what is often called 'BBC English' (think 'Downton Abbey'), mature and deep.


Not only was I trained in fluent reading skills by the BBC but I also went on to be the broadcaster's only in-house voice trainer.

I have coached dozens of staff from those on the national TV news channel to those in regional radio and TV, and in styles including news, 'DJs' and travel and weather presenters.


I currently work for a major British broadcasting company as a news presenter. prior to that I was heard on several national radio stations (talkSPORT, Virgin Radio) as well as numerous regional stations.

Several years ago I was the off-screen presenter of the video news programme on Virgin Atlantic flights.


I do not compose or sing, however I have written several books on... radio and TV presentation skills!