Nicky Lloyd-Williams

Nicky Lloyd-Williams

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"Corporate Relaxed Feminine Professional"

I possess a stylish native British/English RP voice that is warm, soothing and believable. I can be lively and upbeat or sultry and smooth as requested and also rich in character - I can be a member of the Royal Family, a BBC announcer or an exhausted housewife from the East End of London; a commanding business woman or a teenager with very little brain...


BBC; Steve Hudson - BBC Voice Trainer, Voice Master, London
Gary Terzza - Professional Voice Coach - Channel 4 TV Continuity Announcer - VO Masterclass, London
Numerous stage performances with the Faust Theatre Company, Hong Kong


Clients 2013:
La Redoute Autumn/Winter 2013/14
Salonpas for FKC
Music Radio Creative
TOUS by You
Deutsche Telekom
Panasonic Avionics
Streaming Well
FTI Consulting
The Happy Millionaire
Seveer Media
TRIA Beauty
Scottish Widows


Agent: Soho Voices +44 (0)207 437 3202
Agent: Maple Street Voices +44 (0)207 90-70-6-90