Natalie Barber

Natalie Barber

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"Authentic, Articulate RP British Female Voice Actress and Singer"

Natalie is a full-time, professional Voice Actress with her own professional recording studio and has the ability to work remotely, connecting with studios in real-time, anywhere in the world. She is also a professional singer/musician and writes/records her own music as well as performing live. Natalie recently moved to the Sarasota, Florida, USA from the Caribbean, where she lived and worked for ten years, but she is originally from Cornwall in the South West of England, UK.

Natalie's natural voice is warm and sultry, and coupled with her British accent, it has always got her a lot of attention and invites to work, as it is very appealing to the ear.

Natalie studied at "Voice Dynamics" with John Burr for one year whilst working as a professional singer and musician in Sarasota, Florida, USA. She also took "Acting 101, 201" group classes at Florida Studio Theatre and continues with their acting courses to keep her skills honed as well as other professional development, including one-on-one coaching from Kim Crow, an Emmy nominated actress.

Natalie is a trained Biologist and Educator and received her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Biology with Honours at Brunel University, West London, UK where she also received a Music Bursary to continue her musical studies for the entirety of her degree. She worked in Entomology, Animal Behavioural Enrichment Studies (with Elephants) and then volunteered for two years with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) in Ghana, West Africa, where she taught Advanced Level Chemistry to High School students. This is where Natalie fell in love with teaching and received her Qualified Teacher's Status (QTS qualification) "on the job" on her return to the UK. As a talented musician, Natalie received her QTS in both Science and Music Teaching. Natalie loves the water, and as a SCUBA diving enthusiast, moved to the Cayman Islands in the where she worked for ten years as a high school teacher and musician. She also trained to become a PADI Master SCUBA Diving Instructor and taught SCUBA diving to her students as well.

During her time in the Cayman Islands, Natalie's desire to work in Music full-time grew and she was often being called into the local recording studio "Hopscotch Studio" to record saxophone, vocal tracks and voice over as well as performing live regularly. She was often asked to announce talent at gigs because of her pleasing voice and to record "Messages on Hold" for local businesses.

Seeking a new adventure, Natalie moved to the States and very quickly became a full-time musician performing most nights, singing and playing predominantly jazz, but also country, rock and other genres. She also composes music that she performs. Natalie's voice also got noticed often and she was asked to record "Messages on Hold" for local businesses in the area, so decided to get professional training in Voice Acting to pursue it as a full-time career and to branch out into all areas of Voice and Voice Over work.

With her Science background, Medical and Technical scripts are no problem for her to read and her musical ear enables her to range from a lower, warm slow paced, soothing tone to a higher, energetic, faster paced excited tone, with everything in between. Natalie's performance and stage experience also means that she's a natural and becomes different characters for the Voice Acting roles she plays and is very comfortable talking and performing to audiences.

As a singer, Natalie is easy to work with as she sings harmonies with ease, has excellent pitch, great rhythm and because she reads music to a high level, can sight sing sheet music. Natalie has her own professional recording studio started work and has the ability to record high quality, professional vocals.


Voice Over:
"Voice Dynamics" - John Burr
"Acting 101 and 201" - Josh Ford, Florida Studio Theatre
Continued professional development: currently with Kim Crow (Emmy nominated actress)

Music Bursary at Brunel University for 4 years at Brunel University, West London , UK.
Her education with music has been through private lessons, playing in orchestras, bands and recording sessions in studios.

Bachelor Degree in Applied Biology with Honours at Brunel University, West London , UK.

Qualified Teacher's Status
PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer


Audiobook - Continuum: A Short Story Collection written by Chad Lester
Announcer - Hopscotch Studio, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Messages On Hold - various local businesses in Sarasota and Grand Cayman

Professional Full-Time Singer and Musician - Five years
High School Science Teacher - Fifteen years
Natalie has been writing and performing music all of her life, since the age of seven.


High Quality Professional Vocal Recordings with Fast Turn-Around Time
Live directed sessions available via Source-Connect or your preferred means

Alto singing voice, good range, sings multiple styles and excellent at recording vocal harmonies.
Natalie composes music and writes catchy melodies easily and at short notice.
Excellent improvisational skills with both her voice and on her instruments due to her jazz background.
Multi-instrumentalist: saxophones (tenor, alto, soprano), clarinet (Bb and bass), flute, piano.