Micah Glover

Micah Glover

Membro dal 10 mesi
"Professional, Confident and Trustworthy"

I have the ability to imagine what the client wants, even before stepping into the booth. Being professionally trained, I focus on all the small details such as timing, phrasing, speed and pitch. I have a musical background which helps me understand the rhythmic intricacies of audio.


I attended Voice Coaches, located in Albany, New York, graduating in 2020. My voice was professionally evaluated and I have a 10 year vocal range. Voice Coaches also helped coach me through my commercial and narration demos at Crash Studios in Philadelphia, PA.


I have voiced for several non-profits, including Homebridge Healthcare, Senior Alliance of Wayne County, Michigan and International Ministries.


I play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and piano. I have written and recorded an album and can play a wide genre of music including jazz, rock and gospel. I also was a first tenor in an all male church choir.

I absolutely love all things audio, including studio gear and equipment. I am constantly reading about new gear and industry trends in order to keep current.

All audio and voice tracks are mixed through Adobe Audition, where I would describe myself as being proficient in. I’m even able to add background music, compression and other effects.