Meral Mathews

Meral Mathews

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"Warm "Guy Next Door" to "Drill Sergeant" to "Movie Trailers"!"

I have a warm tone with a "Guy Next Door" inflection to my sound. I'm from the Western United States and am very comfortable with the cowboy drawl, but can get snippy and louder with a New Jersey accent, or just the nice comfortable tones needed for a good documentary. I will also make friends with the listener for any instruction based VO with my "Let's do this together" sound.


Multiple sessions with professional VO coach Terry Daniel.
Multiple sessions with professional freelance coach Jonathan Tilley.


Currently working my twelfth audio book.

Have multiple experiences recording VO for web videos, local commercials, and some e-learning (most recently a small slide show for Ebay sellers).


Can do multiple voices and accents ranging from a child's voice to muppets to being able to turn up the grit and do a drill sergeant or a booming voice of God voice. Please ask if you have a character in mind!