Mathilde Merlot

Mathilde Merlot

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"Clear & fun, soft & cute, sincere & exciting, coy & hip"

In English: soft, cute and coy for commercials; cool and hip for commercials too; sincere and ponderous for documentaries and presentations; thoughtful and warm for narrations ;

In French: My voice has the same possibilities as the above description but with a higher pitch that allows for an even younger, sincere voice for children and/or teenagers.


-The Method Centre, acting workshops 2007-2008 in London, England
-Training with Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio, Los Angeles, California
-Singing lessons with Nariné Simonyan


-"Persepolis" animated movie dubbed into English from its original French version for the Toronto Film Festival (first voice of the movie and role of Tina, friend of the main character). It was recorded at Chinkel Studios in Paris, France along with the author and producer Marjane Satrapi
-internet sites such as " wedding combo"
-Vista Higher Learning Language Program (in Italian)
-Documentaries such as "I remember better when I paint"