Mark Bott

Mark Bott

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"Always hitting the mark in your Voice-Over needs"

I have delved deep into the world of singing since intentional sounds started leaving my mouth. A lifetime of musical performances, practice, professional coaching, and more practice has given me great control over my voice. Pitch, timbre, tone I'll adjust these as needed to get you the voice-over you need

The ability to convince others is a valuable skill. That sometimes requires being able to convey emotions or expressing genuine interest. I accomplish this by really getting into everything I perform, whether it be a crazy character or a down to earth believable guy.

Personal interaction is an important part of any job. With MarksmanVO you will have a positive experience every time. not only with the service provided, but with the interactions that lead up to it and after.


over 12 years of training in classical music and singing under musicians.


I have been the featured soloist with the Mormon Choir of DC, George Mason University Chamber Choir, and the Vienna Virginia Presbyterian church Choir as well as doing voice-over and acting as MC for small local and online projects .


I am an excellent singer and voice actor, using my voice to help convey emotion to an audience.