Leandro Schnitman

Leandro Schnitman

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"A voice who dreams in many languages"

I handle myself with professionalism and will always aim for the impactful delivery you're seeking for your message. My main voiceover training is in Spanish, both Argentine and neutral Latinamerican, and my versatility allows me to cover various VO formats.


Instituto Superior de Enseñanza Radiofónica - Voiceover (2015-2017)
Universidad Torcuato di Tella - B.S. in Business and Finance (2007-2011)

Acting training:
Espacio Aguirre (2015)
Taller de actuación de Ines Efron (2016)
Taller de actuación de ISER (2017)


Locutor Nacional graduated from Argentina's top VO school (3 year program, class of 2017).
Narrated all of Julio Cortázar's works that have been ported to audiobook (Cortázar is one of Argentina's most renowned authors).
Voiced various internal videos in multiple languages for top multinational brands.


Aditionally to Argentine and neutral Latinamerican Spanish, my French sounds practically native, and my English has a slight accent.
For short duration materials, I can also handle Portuguese, Italian and German by phonetics.