Laura Arnold

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"Naturally relatable - genuinely friendly."

Approachable, welcoming and down to earth are all words that have been used to describe Laurie Arnold as a person - and those very words are just what her voice conveys. Laurie is an international opera singer, stage actress and pilot with advanced degrees in guidance and counseling. Whether it be under the lights of the stage, in a the softness of a counselor’s office or on the blazing tarmac at an airshow, Laurie’s widely varied life experiences have enabled her to engage people from all walks of life on a variety of levels. Laurie just gets people.
Conveying the hallmark sound of a company brings Laurie to the mic with passion on a daily basis. The ability to form and maintain intuitive partnerships is key to Laurie’s success and she embraces the ongoing opportunity to perform in the supportive and highly creative voice over community. The combination of these ingredients continue to give Laurie the sense of a job well done when she turns out the studio lights at the end of the day.


Customer satisfaction, a pro home studio and ongoing training with the greats of the voice over world such as Chuck Duran, Marc Cashman and J. Michael Collins as well as acting with Grant Norman keep Laurie on the cutting edge of this ever evolving business.


Laurie has written, recorded and produced hundreds of radio commercials as well as years worth of informative and entertaining weather reports. She also has hosted a successful weekly radio show.

Laurie has also performed in opera halls and cathedrals from Sydney to Jerusalem to The Vatican.


Laurie is an international opera singer with a lyric mezzo soprano voice type. She also excels at singing jazz and blues and would be delighted to voice jingles for your company.
Laurie also writes and produces commercial scripts and will be happy to edit projects to your specifications.