Some people say Laura is an eager, fresh, sweet, free spirited, vulnerable, endearing, funny, innocent, airhead.

While others would argue she's a conversational, gentle, confident, natural, reassuring, sensitive, intelligent, sincere, intimate storyteller.

But she prefers to think of herself as everyone's favorite FAST talking, tongue and cheek, witty, compassionate, shy, earthy, disarming, feminine, ethereal detective.

Did we mention she specializes in Characters?

Laura works mostly from her home studio in Pasadena, CA. But being located so close to Los Angeles and Burbank, its easy for her to come into area studios and record as well.

Since moving to California, Laura has been cast in Series such as Tweeny Witches and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, due to her versatile range and proficiency at creating interesting and believable characters.


Laura has extensive Training in Voice Over Including Studying with the following teachers:

Kate McClanaghan
Cynthia Songe
Steve Staley
Tony Oliver
Huck Ligget
Bob Bergen
Bill Holmes
Richard Horvitz
Ned Lott

 Esperienze professionali

Laura has been working as a Voice Over Talent for many years now, working in the fields of Narration, Commercial, and Animation primarily.

She has worked on a great deal of animation, including original American Animation as well as performing ADR for Anime Series.

She has also worked on a wide variety of styles of Narration, from friendly and conversational material geared towards Teens or Children, to more serious matters such as Identity Theft, and Online Predators. She also has a great deal of experience dealing with both Technical and Medical Jargon, and is not at all daunted by large or complicated terms. She has done narration for companies such as AOL, Dell Computers, Kraft, and Square Enix, among others.


Laura is a quick study with dialects, and has performed as characters using British, Irish, French, German, Russian, and Southern accents.

Laura can also sing in character, though she generally leans towards alto and second soprano parts, she has a three octave range to cover just about any voice part Tenor through Soprano.

Laura has a secret passion for talking fast, with the ability to talk or sing very quickly while still sounding comprehensible and conversational at that. She is currently working on a demo dedicated to exclusively showcasing this skill, but is happy to provide a variety of samples upon request.