Kristen Solano

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"Quirky and conversational millenial"

I started my journey into acting four years ago at California Lutheran University. There I took improvisation classes under Lisa Fredrickson and voice development and broadcasting under Scott Alexander. Also, I did my first two radio spots on 103.3 the Vibe in Ventura. They were for SBC college and Mercedes. During the summer that year, I took improv and scene study classes at The Santa Clarita School for Performing Arts. After this, I studied commercial voiceover under Anne Ganguzza and she produced my current commercial demo. I have became a voice for Goldfinger Law, Wilks Investment Group, Enoron and more! Also I have been the IVR voice for Clearway and Masterminds Management Group.
After studying and working in commercial voiceover, I started taking workshops and classes at Bangzoom Animation. I have numerous ADR workout, Character voiceover 101, 102 and the Advance workshop. From these classes I was stated creating character voices as well as learning about ADR. Also, I have been learning about more advanced character acting under Richard Horvitz and Debbi Derryberry.


Commercial: Trained under Anne Ganguzza (also produced my commercial demo) and Scott Alexander
Animation: Richard Horvitz, Debbi Derryberry and Bangzoom Animation
Improvisation: Liza Frederick, Matt Easton,


Social Media Marketing

· Travel to Europe Voice Dmitry Sergeev

· Goldfinger Law Voice Goldfinger Law Firm

· Tennant-Buyer Voice Wilks Investment Group

· Fishing FanCam Voice Fishing FanCam

· Enoron Voice Enoron

· SBC College Voice 103.3 The Vibe Ventura

· Mercedes Voice 103.3 The Vibe Ventura

Automatic Voice Message System

· Clear Way Voice

· Masterminds Management Group Voice


I can sing and play upright string bass.