John DeSilvestri

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"Narrations, to character, to fart noises"

Natural, baritone, American voice, with extreme vocal flexibility. Able to switch from natural sounding narrations, and commercial copy to high-energy character voices on the fly. Great with complicated copy and rhythms, a knack for sounds and impersonations.


Private training with Jane Dashow , class training with CDs such as Andy Roth, Carrie Faverty and Judy Keller.


The voice of Bunsen the Bunsen Burner in the Smithsonian's "Good Thinking!" web series, many of the male vocals, including the Mayor, for the iOS game, Western 1849


Singing vocal range, baritone to a high "g".
Accents; British Standard, Cockney, Irish, Italian, French, Southern US, Downeastern Maine, NY Jewish, Jersey Italian, Russian.
Home studio.