Johan Gröndahl

Johan Gröndahl

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"Imagine the man you trust the most. That´s me."

A good voice will only take you half-way.

A truly professional voiceover artist is recognized through the subtle detailing – in the ability to bring the text off the script.

As for me, I will not only provide a highway for your message to the ears of the receivers, I will make it stay in their mind. For a very long time.


Several years as a radio and TV host. Numerous commercial voice overs over the last decade.


Swedish broadcast TV channel TV4

International broadcast TV channel Cartoon Network (eight characters in animated series "Atomic Betty")

ASFALT – Motormagasin (Program host)

Swedish broadcast radio East FM (Radio DJ)


Enjoy wine & spirits



Harald Nyborg

Svenska Oljebolaget


Swedish accents are wonderful. Some of them can be used to impersonate a moron, others to add honesty or intense heat. Each and everyone of them can boost your message if used in the right way. I know a few of them.