Joey Maxwell

Joey Maxwell

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"Resonant, Professional, and Baritone Voice"

My voice is deep and resonant. I specialize in clean and articulate readings, but am also well versed in casual reads. As a stage actor, I have a wealth of experience in bringing natural characters to life. I am also well adept at many character voices, including multiple southern accents (Texas, redneck, Appalachian, and Charleston), lisps, general silliness, and gruff types.


In 1997 I began training with the president of the National Speaker's Association. His son was a high school friend of mine and he agreed to take me under his wing to train me in the art of public speaking. Through his tutelage I was able to master the finer points of delivering a speech in public and had the opportunity to speak in front of crowds as large as 5000.

Today I continue not only my training and experience as a voice actor, but also on stage and on camera. Currently I am working with Voice/ Acting Coach and Stage Director Bobbi Fouts, formerly of Salt Lake City.


hrough these speaking engagements I was not only able to hone my craft, but to network professionally as well. It was through my stage work that I was able to garner the attention of MRN Radio - The Voice of NASCAR, and begin my career in a recording studio.

From that time I have worked as a voice actor for numerous clients around the country. My work has ranged from large, international corporations, to small business owners and everything in between. My work has not, however, been limited to sitting in a recording studio. I have been fortunate to spend time acting both on stage and on screen. This acting background has served me well in my voice over business, as the majority of the work I do requires me to tell a complelling story using nothing but my voice.