Jessica Magers

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"An abundantly full voice with natural, believable delivery."
Jessica Magers

I'm the Voice Goddess for a reason. I love this business and I love a job well done. I have a mid to deep, rich, controlled voice that delivers lots of different styles. I can sound 30 and I can sound 50, whatever you need. Casual, bossy, serious, mysterious, loving, neurotic, sassy, funny, provocative; all of it. What's most important and what you want, is that I am believable, authentic and completely at ease with the script. Direct me any way you choose, I can do it. I've been around longer than most and I've got a ton of experience in my corner.


Two decades worth of mentors. Amazing talents.


Healthcare: Exempla/Lutheran
Retail/National: USA Today
Automotive: Volkswagen
Corporate: CH2M Hill
Software: DOJ/Municipal
eLearning: The Art Institutes


I sing. Not usually for my supper, but I can.
Good vocal stamina and consistency.
My studio is top of the line and I can fully mix a spot or add music under a narration.